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Friday, 23 January 2015

Shortcuts to Summer Barbecue Entertaining

As you can see I have been a little lazy with my blogging, but not too lazy with my cooking.
After a wonderful Xmas feast we tend to feel over food and cooking. However the season, the sun and the holidays still beckon one to entertaining, eating and drinking.
This year for our Xmas Day, we or I should say the boys, cooked a suckling pig on a spit.
Purchased from the wonderful people at Feather and Bone in Marrickville.
 It was a fabulous easy way to feed the crowd and of course it was done outside so away from the other hustle and bustle of the kitchen.
Fortunately someone had the spit so that made it a little easier. After 5 hours we took the skin off, salted it and put it in the oven for that extra crackle. Yum ! Not a lot left either.

The holidays were mainly about barbecuing. Whilst I am not a big fan of anything from a packet, I do try things occasionally that spark my interest.
These little beauties from Jamie Oliver, came in very handy and took all the work out of the meal.

We had a beautiful fillet of beef from The Meat Emporium in Alexandria, that we cut into steaks. Spread the Spicy Cowboy Rub over them and left them at room temp for 2 hours prior to cooking. Tender and so tasty.
Also a rack of veal and some fish for the Fiery Jerk Rub. Fish you don't need to leave as long before cooking.

The Korean BBQ marinade I used on finely sliced beef, similar to sir fry. Throw it onto a hot plate , cook  very quickly and serve in a wrap with some lettuce as finger food. Use 2 packets.

 My other all time favourite is Tandoori Chicken.
A jar of Pataks Tandoori paste, and some yoghurt. A couple of spoons of the paste mixed with plain yoghurt. Spread all over the chicken. Thigh pieces I find the best for barbecuing.  Leave covered in the marinade in the fridge for a couple of hours. Serve with a mango salsa, some steamed rice and a salad.

All of these items are readily available at your supermarket. 

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