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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Cookbook Gifts for Christmas

Each year so many cook books get published. The three listed below are my favourite for this year.
I have so many in my collection, but these three are my go to at the moment. I have cooked so many recipes from each of them and so far loved them all.
The other wonderful and inspirational thing about them is, each of these chefs have a  food show on television which you all must watch. They are a culinary history and a great travel log.
Anyone interested in food, cooking and travel would be more than excited to receive one of these beautiful cookbooks for Christmas.


Another in the Ottolenghi collection, named after his London restaurant.  I have all of his books and love this as much as the others .Vegetables, meat dishes. amazing salads and pulses with a twist. From the Far East to the Middle East a wonderful collaboration of flavours. Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Feast is worth viewing as well.

Rick Steins India

The photography alone is enough to get the taste buds going. It is stunning. The recipes are  part of Ricks search for the perfect curry. However there are many full flavoured recipes that cover all facets of Indian food. The complexities of the various spice blends, help you to understand what makes all their dishes so different.
If you can watch Ricks Indian Odyssey it will also inspire you to try it all.

Shane Delias Moorish Spice Journey

This is the book of the television series on SBS. Shane goes to Morocco and Spain to search the moorish roots of food in the area, that goes back thousands of years.
Delicious, creative and truly inspirational. I have also really enjoyed his television series of Mediterranean Food on SBS.
If you are in Melbourne any time soon a visit to his restaurant Maha is a definite.