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Friday, 10 October 2014

Hanoi Cooking Centre and Street Food Tour

Hanoi is the first stop on the reconnaissance for my Want Food Tours to Vietnam in 2015.
Wonderful food and gorgeous gentle people, with a curiously Western sense of humour all help to make it a memorable experience. The street food tour with one of the chefs from Hanoi Cooking Centre was so informative and amazing. The cooking class also professional, but lots of fun.
An hour in one street, was all the time we needed to find some beautiful embroidered sheets, linen, 
silk shirts. Off to Hue next the Ancient capitol of Vietnam.

Site inspection of our accommodation L'Opera hotel...... perfect spot for afternoon drinks

Don't have a car , not a problem load up your motorbike
Roast dog anyone ? 

Street food delicious pillow cakes for 60 cents
Original homes in the old quarter
Happy chickens lay white eggs, unhappy brown eggs !!!!
Dried mushrooms

Vast array of beautiful kidney beans, mung beans, chick pea, lentils.......... love their display
Fresh produce delivered to your door
Some of the lads having a  local Hanoi beer in a popular beer garden
Chicken anyone ?

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