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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Footy Fever Food

Tonight is a big night for all those die hard sports fans. Yes, they will be going to, or watching the footy on a big screen somewhere.  Both codes of football, Rugby Union, Western Force vs British Lions in Perth and Rugby League the State of Origin in Sydney and both games are televised. So girls, not a big night for you I am afraid, unless you have succumbed to the fever . Many of you are fans as I am. Being married to an ex union player and having two sons who play one doesn't have much choice. Extra exciting for us because my god son Angus is playing for the Western Force. So girls don't fight it, have the boys and the girls over to watch the game and make a night of it.
If you can't beat them join them, you will have fun I promise! We have had so many fun nights with Rugby viewing and dinners.
Easy, inexpensive, and a big crowd pleaser, The Nachos and Tex Mex.
I always make it for a casual TV dinner and you can make as many trays as you need and as you go. Delicious and filling and loved by all ages. Give it a go and add all the trimmings. Make some beef and some chicken. All or most of the ingredients are store bought so not a lot of work !
I usually start this well ahead and make shredded beef. If you have a pressure cooker this is pretty quick.
If not the meat takes about 2 hours to get to the falling apart stage.
Buy a cut of meat like blade,chuck or gravy beef. Trim some of the fat and place into a saucepan and cover with water. Cook for about 30 minutes and when the liquid has reduced add some beef stock.
Continue cooking for another 30 minutes add more stock and a couple of good splashes of Worcestershire sauce. As the meat cooks the liquid reduces , you must watch it as it can easily catch and burn dry. When there is very little liquid left add some chilli sauce  and begin to shred the meat until the mixture is quite dry. The seasoning is  up to your taste. If you can't be bothered with this buy a chicken, shred it and mix with some bottled salsa if you are feeling lazy. Alternatively buy some mince and cook it with a packet taco seasoning.


One layer of Jalapeno Bean Dip El Paso
One layer of Avocado mashed with lemon and pepper.
One carton of Sour Cream mixed with one packet of Taco Seasoning mix.
One layer of diced tomatoes
One layer of chopped shallots.
Cover with grated cheese a store bought mix is good.
Surround with corn chips and serve.


Allowing for one large oven tray. One can of refried beans will probably do 2 trays as will the salsa and sour cream.

1 can Refried beans ( my favourite is Amy's Organic) 
Shredded beef or chicken
1 packet Corn chips
Salsa medium or hot ( to your taste )
Chilli Sauce  (Fountain make a good one but make sure it isn't a sweet chilli used for Thai food
Sour Cream

Spread the oven trays or dishes with a layer of the refried beans.
Next layer the corn chips on top spreading them out so they are mostly covered.
Layer the shredded beef or chicken over the corn chips.
Top with a little salsa, not too much or the whole dish will be too soggy.
Add chopped shallots.
Sprinkle with cheese to cover most of the tray.
Put into a 175C oven and cook until the cheese is melted but watch it, so it doesn't burn.
Remove from the oven and dollop with chilli sauce and sour cream.
Mash the avocado with some of the salsa and place in the centre of the tray.
Sprinkle with freshly chopped coriander.

Serve hot, with paper napkins and plates if you like and a corona with a slice of lime. If you want to be fancy make some margaritas. Yum. Enjoy the footy.

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