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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lemon Curd

This is the easiest treat to make and most people think it is too hard. Older people say "Oh I used to make that all the time but couldn't be bothered. Well I don't believe you can buy any lemon curd that tastes as good as home made. It keeps in a container in the fridge for ages and can be used for a great variety of things.
I made some for a fun party platter for my brother in law Matt's 50th on the week end. A casual day time party, on a beautiful nearly spring day, champagne, live music in the garden, it was the perfect addition to a casual sweet platter for guests to pick on at their leisure, at the end of the day.
Little lemon curd filled tart shells and mini meringues sandwiched together with lemon curd. Tart shells and mini meringues store bought. We also had mini cup cakes, pistachio chocolate fudge, nougat, Turkish delight and yes, the kid in us all, Starburst party lollies and malteasers  and all garnished with  good shake of icing sugar to finish it all off. I happen to have a fabulous, huge, old french cheese board from Country Trader in Sydney which serves me well on so many occasions and it didn't let me down this time !

Juice and rind of two large lemons
175 grams caster sugar
100 grams butter
2 eggs

Juice the lemon and zest the rind and add to a warm saucepan with the caster sugar and butter.
Stir until the butter is melted and the sugar dissolved, into the lemon juice.
Remove from heat and allow to cool.
Whisk the eggs together in a bowl.
Add the whisked eggs to the cooled lemon mixture and return the pan to a gentle heat. Do not let the mixture boil at all.
Whisk continually until the mixture is thickened. If you don't continue beating or whisking the mixture can catch on the bottom and burn or the eggs can scramble. Your arm may tire a little but it is worth the effort.
You can also do this in a double saucepan if you prefer.

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