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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Salt and Butter

Butter makes it better ! But sea salt butter, makes it far better. When my husband and I were in France, a few years back on an extended trip, and were actually shopping and cooking, I discovered Lescure Sea Salt Butter . I am also a fiend for salt, so finding the two together was sheer bliss for me. A beautiful French baguette with Sea Salt butter is divine.
When I returned to Australia and joined the Cheese Club, at the Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder, I discovered I could by it there. Well I have now found it at my local Thomas Dux ! But I also found an Australian brand. Pepe Saya and it is made in Sydney at Tempe, and used in some of Sydney's top restaurants. It is sold in rounds and pressed with Murray Basin pink salt at the moulding stage. I believe it is also available at good butchers and delis and Harris Farm !
These products don't come cheaply, but buy some for a special treat.... What about a beautiful juicy steak
with a piece of melting Sea Salt Butter... delicious!

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